Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by Mondo®

Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by Mondo®: The Mondo® magic mushrooms grow kits (previously we called them Standard grow kits) are a real game changer! Growing Magic Mushrooms the classic way!

Why choose the Mondo® magic mushroom kits?
The Real mushroom cultivation experience
Unique Psilocybe cubensis strains !
Multiple magic mushroom flushes
Bigger fruiting bodies
The Mondo® magic mushroom growing kit is as easy as they come. Just Dunk and Grow.! Within 2-3 weeks you will have your first mushroom harvest at home.They mycelium in the mushroom growing kits is 100% developed and ready to grow. No need to add spores! Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by Mondo®.

The Mondo® mushroom kit contains everything you need to start growing:
1x Substrate box with 100% active Mycelium and a top layer of vermiculite
1x Mushroom Grow bag with filter, to create a micro climate
2x Paperclips, to close the grow bag
The Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits have no labels or branding. Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by Mondo®.

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