Buy Magic Mushroom Substrate

Buy Magic Mushroom Substrate. A good substrate is essential for growing magic mushrooms ! Make your own magic mushroom substrate and choose for rye grain preparation or for brown rice flower. Better known as the PF-Tek method.

Add Perlite for humidity and Vermiculite as a top layer against contamination.

Magic Mushroom Substrate
A mushroom substrate is basically every substance mycelium will grow on. The substrate provides all the nutrition to the mycelium to develop and eventually to grow magic mushrooms. Buy Magic Mushroom Substrate.

Most used Mushroom Substrates
A basic magic mushroom substrate is rye grain, which is used as a ‘Starter or Spawn. Other substrates for mushrooms are: Coffee, Brown Rice flour, Straw, Sand dust, Manure and Coco Coir.

Buy Magic Mushroom Substrate. Each mushroom species will need it’s own specialized susbtrate to grow on. For example : The Psilocybe Cubensis grows very easy on Brown Rice flour (BRF) and Rye Grain. The ingredients can be mixed to get the perfect substrate. Such as PF TEK is a mix of BRF and Vermiculite

How to make the best Mushroom Substrates?
The key to a good substrate is: That it is free of contaminants. It neeeds to be sterilized or pasteurized. Second it needs to have enough nutritional value for the mycelium, Third it should be easy to come by. Buy Magic Mushroom Substrate.

All our materials are organic and of the highest quality. With these basic ‘ingredients’ you can make mushroom substrate yourself!

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