It can happen that you have mushrooms in your kit that have stopped growing for no apparent reason before they become fully grown mushrooms. These small pins of mushrooms are called aborts. What can you do with mushroom aborts? 

What to do when you see mushroom aborts?

When you see that one of your mushrooms stopped growing for about 4-5 days you should harvest this one. 

How to recognize mushroom aborts?

You can also recognize aborts by the dark-colored tip of the primadoria (the head of the small starting mushroom). Always completely remove the aborts because they will start to decompose at some point and this can contaminate your grow kit.

Do you suspect contamination? Click here to read more about white, green and grey mould.

Can you consume mushroom aborts?

The aborts are good to consume if you get them before they start to decompose. They might even be stronger than the full-grown mushrooms because they tend to be more concentrated with psilocybin.

Only aborts on your substrates?

If the unfortunate event occurs that all of the mushrooms in your grow kit decided to abort then it is a good idea to harvest all of them and do a cold shock. 

Here is an example of an abort in the red circle.

Trying a next flush

If you are going for the next flush, make sure that the grow kit is fully harvested. All the small pins on the sides, bottom should be picked as well, before preparing the kit for the next flush.

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