24 x 12 x 5.8 in Mini-Pleat Micron Filter


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24 x 12 x 5.8 in Mini-Pleat Micron Filter For sale

As with our standard line of HEPA Filters, the Mini-Pleat filters offer filtration down to .3 microns with a guaranteed efficiency of 99.99%. The difference is in the filter media: the Mini-Pleat filters use a tighter folding pattern without aluminum separators, providing the same level of filtration in a smaller pack while reducing resistance and promoting greater air flow. For these reasons, the EAMF2412M is the recommended replacement filter for the Series I Laminar Flow Hood, and is also recommended for use with the EAFB1 and EAFB1E All-Purpose Blowers.

Please note: Due to the weight, value or dimensions of this item, we are unable to provide an exact shipping quote online. In order to expedite our quoting process we will be estimating the shipping to the best of our ability. Once paid and imported we will manually double check the online quote and reach out to you directly by email or phone within 1-2 business days.

Filter Specifications
Model Dimensions (inches) Static Pressure CFM* Weight Blower
EAMF1212 12×12 0.53 125 5.7 EAFB1**
EAMF1212M 12×12 1.00 100 5.1 EAFB1**
EAMF2412 24×12 1.00 275 8.6 EAFB1**
EAMF2412M 24×12 1.00 550 10.6 EAFB1**
EAMF2418 24×18 1.00 425 12 EAFB2
EAMF2424 24×24 1.00 575 14.65 EAFB2
EAMF3624 24×36 1.00 900 21.1 EAFB2
EAMF4824 24×48 1.00 1200 26 EAFB4

*Rated CFM indicates the approximate amount of air needed for proper filtration. Actual rating varies by production lot.

*EAFB1E for 230v applications.

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