Buy Psilocybe tampanensis (Magic Truffles) Online



Buy Psilocybe tampanensis (Magic Truffles) Online

Buy Psilocybe tampanensis (Magic Truffles) Online. You can get Psilocybe tampanensis, often known as Magic Truffles, online. Stephen Pollock and Gary Lincoff made the discovery of the Psilocybe Tampanensis species in the year 1977 in the city of Tampa, Florida. This is the origin of the term Tampa-nensis. This species, which is capable of producing both magical truffles and mushrooms, has not been discovered in this region again.

Pollock, fortunately for us, was able to clone the Tampanensis specimen that was discovered and successfully created a pure culture of the P. Tampanensis. Even in modern times, this culture has a vast reach. The P. Tampanensis fungus was discovered in 1977, and the Magic truffles that you will consume are the “decedents” of that mushroom.

Psilocybe tampanensis (Magic Truffles) For Sale Online

Sclerotia, also known as Magic Truffles, are a mass that is formed of mycelium that has solidified and is utilized for storing food. They have the appearance of something close to a stone and the flavor profile of a nut. Psilocybin and psilocin have been found in some sclerotia. If so, you may refer to them as Magic truffles. Buy Psilocybe tampanensis (Magic Truffles) Online

The 15 grams of Tampanensis magic truffles are kept in an airtight container that has been vacuumed sealed. This ensures that the truffle will remain fresh even after being stored for a prolonged period of time or transported. Buy Psilocybe tampanensis (Magic Truffles) Online

Sclerotia are considered to be living products. There is a possibility that the packaging contains encapsulated air, most notably carbon dioxide. The sclerotia will continue to expand as a result of this, and white “hairs” will begin to form on the surface of the truffles. This is called the mycelium, and it demonstrates that the truffles are in good condition. This may be consumed, and it won’t have any effect on the journey. Keep Refrigerated between (2-8°C).

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